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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dilly and the Big Green Monster

Today I am rejoicing that the Colin's recliner, the ugly orange, nasty, abomination to my poor eyes is no longer in our house. It is now in the garage ,soon to be gone forever.
The miracle started on Thursday at our small group meeting. Colin sat in one of the recliners and commented that he need a recliner like the one he was sitting in and I said I had wanted him to find something like that rather than the recliner that's older than me and did I mention, it's ugly? Then we had to share the whole story of the acquisition of the ugly orange recliner. Which then led to one of the men at the small group offering us his recliner as he was getting a new leather one. Boy, I jumped on that offer. I thought Colin would follow up with him, but he didn't so I talked to him about when would be a good time to pick it up.
So last night Colin called him and then left to go pick up the recliner. I stayed home with Ian and ended up talking on the phone to my friend Dottie. While I was talking, Dilly decided that she wanted to go out. So I turned on the porch light as it was very dark out, got the dog on her leash and headed out the door, still talking on my cellphone.
It's a good thing that I didn't have the phone and the leash in the same hand because just as we were coming out the door, Colin came around the corner carrying the new recliner. All you could see was this big, dark, hulking shape with some legs moving toward us. Dilly tried to drag me to Mexico, she was so scared. She pulled me off the front porch so fast I almost fell.
Colin was perplexed as to why I was bringing the dog out when I was helping him. The answer, of course was that I had no idea that he was home. I guess I had turned on the outside light right as he was driving in or getting out of the van so he assumed that I knew he was home. Unfortunately for Dilly, I had no idea that he was home.
So Colin kept carrying the recliner and I tried to get Dilly to go for her walk. She wrapped the leash around the porch support beam trying to make sure she got nowhere near the big green monster. I had to drag her away from the porch.
When we returned from her walk, she didn't want to go on the porch and I had to drag her into the house. Then she ran around inside the house with her tail tucked and refused to go in Colin's office where the recliner had been placed. In fact, she's still not happy about the big green monster. We had to coax her into Colin's office this afternoon, which is where I am right now and Dilly is as far away from the big green monster as she can get and still be in the same room.
Well at least one of us is happy about the new recliner!