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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Freaky Friday

Friday was interesting, to say the least. Colin took the day off and thought he'd get to stay home, but he didn't check with me about the schedule, so he ended up going all over with me.
I had my first mammogram ever. It was okay. I wouldn't put it on my list of favorite activities, but it wasn't horrible, just uncomfortable. After that, we had lunch and ran a couple of errands and then went back to the clinic for my allergy shot, which I haven't had since the end of December. So now I'm back to once a week for a while, bummer.
After the clinic, we headed to pick up Ian (he had spent the night with his grandparents). He was at his great aunt's house playing with cousins and having a great time. We let him play for a while and then we headed to Ian's grandparent's house where we had a little dinner and headed to our next event: AWANA games practice. That was from 6-7:30. At the end the kids all got a slice of pizza. I had wondered if this would cause a little problem for Ian and it did. They had ordered the two types of pizza the kids typically like: cheese and pepperoni. Unfortunately for Ian, he's not typical. He got his plate, waited in line and then very politely asked for a piece of supreme pizza, which of course, they did not have.
He was very tired at this point and got very unhappy, but finally we got him to choose a slice of pepperoni so we could go home. My plan was to get Ian home and in bed as soon as possible to have him well rested for the AWANA games the next day.
My plan was not success, thanks to my husband.
When we got home, I was getting ready to do some laundry out in the garage. I had been out there a few minutes when I heard Colin sort of groan/scream. I didn't think too much about as Colin always reacts very loudly to any tiny thing. If he has a paper cut or stubs his toe he sounds like he's going to die in just a moment. So when I heard him holler, I really didn't think too much about. When he hollered a second time, I was a little annoyed, but thought 'I guess I'd better see what's going on'.
I came back inside to find Colin on the floor moaning a little bit. He had tripped over the baby gate that he had put up to block Dilly from the hallway.
[What you need to know is Colin had been putting the gate up too loosely. Every time Ian tried to climb over it, it would end up falling over. The weekend before Colin tripped over the gate, I had discussed the looseness of the gate and asked him to stop putting it up loosely. I told him someone was going to get hurt].
I asked Colin if he wanted my help and he told me no. So I was in the bathroom when he decided that he did need help. (Why does everyone NEED you the second you get in the bathroom?)
When I came back to help Colin he was very shaky. He had tried to get up on his own and found that his ankle wouldn't support his weight. Ian and I helped him to get up and he hopped to his recliner and put his foot up. He was still shaking, so I called the consulting nurse.
Instead of putting Ian to bed, we ended up heading back to the clinic to make sure that Colin hadn't broken a bone. The clinic checked him out and he had x-rays (Ian got to help the x-ray tech carry the films after each x-ray. It was like a late night field trip for Ian). Colin had just sprained his ankle, so they gave him an aircast, told him to keep his foot elevated and sent us on our way. It was after midnight by the time we got home. So much for getting Ian to bed early!
Just so you know, Colin's ankle is much better. It probably was just a light sprain.

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Miscellaneous From Missy said...

I had to wear an aircast for several weeks. It made my leg sweat like crazy. Ah, memories!

I'm glad Colin didn't break anything.

I had to laugh when you asked why everyone suddenly needs you when you enter the bathroom. It's like a tornado siren suddenly goes off in their heads! HA! :-D