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Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Well-Traveled Dog

Dilly has been leading an exciting life this week. She's been to several cities. She's played with cousins and their dog, Jacob, a Sheltie about a month or two older than Dilly. She has traveled to the dentist (for me) and waited in the van, the doctor's office twice (for me again). She went to Pet Smart (for her) and had difficulty with the tile floor. She fell down, all four feet sprawled out at least three, maybe four times. She has gone to church twice (and waited) although she did go for a walk there and also at the Dr.'s office. She even traveled to the Awana games and waited in the van.
Dilly is definitely getting used to going in the van. She has even started putting her favorite toy in her mouth and waiting at the door when we start getting ready to go!

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