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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Do We See People the Way God Does?

I was driving downtown in the big city last week. Downtown in the big city can be an interesting place to be in the afternoon. There are homeless people and environmentalist type people and sometimes protesters protesting protests, you get the idea. Not exactly a friendly looking crowd all the time.
Anyway, I was sitting at the stoplight in downtown and the thought came to my mind. Do I see these people the way God does? He loves every one of them. Do I see them, do I see everyone in the light of that value? That is such a high value. How would we treat people if we were conscious of that thought every day? The annoying person who cut in line at the store...God made them and loves them. The telemarketer that calls trying to sell you something you don't want...God made them and loves them and wants them to know Him.
As I was thinking this I was watching people cross the street in front of my van. I watched a girl in sort of funky Goth clothing cross the street and walk up next to a shaggy looking older man waiting to cross at the other light. God loves both of them I thought to myself. Then the girl smiled and I thought God is probably thrilled to see her smile.
So do you think about that when you see people? I know I don't think about that often enough. I think if I really thought about that more often, it would change how I relate to people, especially people I don't know. God sees them with such value and He wants them to know Him. He knew them before they were born. He saw fit to create them. Maybe we all need to see with "God eyes" more often.

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