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Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dilly and Ian!!

Well, I'm a few hours late with this birthday wish, but I'm sure Dilly won't mind!
Piccadilly is now officially one year old as of August 14th. Ian is also one year old on the 14th. Confused? You thought he was 7 and his birthday was in April?? Well, you're right. August 14th is Ian's spiritual birthday. A year ago today (pretend it's still the 14th, okay?) Ian accepted Jesus as his savior. I can't believe it was a year ago. Time certainly flies.
I still think it's pretty cool that Dilly was born that very day. At that time we had no idea that we would be looking for another dog anytime soon, but God knew. He knew that Lucy wasn't going to be around much longer and that we'd miss her and want another "horse" in our house. I call her a horse because she gallops and when she runs in the house it kind of sounds like a horse, that and the fact that she is so tall! It's a good thing she's so cute...she's already eaten/ruined one pair of tennis shoes, a pair of sandals and two pairs of flip flops (those were mine) she also destroyed one of Ian's cleats. She hasn't messed with Colin's shoes yet (I guess she's smart and doesn't go for those smelly things!)
So here's a Happy Birthday to two very loved and challenging blessings in my life!

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