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Friday, August 15, 2008

Ian and Social Security

Today,since I had an MRI scheduled for 6:15 pm, Ian and I drove into the big city to meet Colin at his work. We got there too early so we decided to go into the lobby, buy something to drink and wait for Colin. We did this because I didn't want to keep the van running and it was too hot to sit in the van without AC. It was 95 degrees!!
So we went inside and Ian got a Sprite and I got a water and we sat down at a table with a slice of banana bread for a snack. I called Colin to let him know that we were there, but he already knew, a coworker had spotted us in the lobby and told Colin we were there.
We were just getting comfortable when a weird beep started going off about every 15 seconds. It was very high pitched, but wasn't like a smoke detector, which is continuous. It was kind of annoying and after at least 5 minutes, I decided to see if I could figure out where the sound was coming from. I walked around, but I really couldn't tell, so I sat back down. Right after I sat down Ian told me " I bet it's the Social Security going off. Yep, it's probably the Social Security."
I laughed and told him I was pretty sure it wasn't the Social Security, but it might be the security system. Ian asked me what Social Security was if it wasn't a system to protect people with alarms. I explained that it's a kind or retirement program. He looked at me and said "Oh, I guess you're right, it couldn't be the Social Security, it must be the security system."
Thankfully, someone came and turned it off not too long after our conversation. So I guess, according to 7 year olds, if you need to find a system to protect your home, you'd better talk to Social Security!!

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