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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sleep Patterns and Other Such Nonsense

So today is Tuesday. I say that so my brain can hopefully grasp that fact. All day it kept trying to tell me it was Wednesday. Probably because yesterday was worth two days. I met with my doctor in the morning, found out I have a cyst in my left kidney on top of already knowing that I have lesions on my spine. I think the next time I have a CT scan the report will say that I'm falling apart!
After seeing my doctor I went and spent precious time waiting in the pharmacy. It's depressing to get the wait number 99 and see that the last number they called was 69. Sigh.
Then I went to get my allergy shot. While I was waiting to get that, Colin called and said he had an appointment for the hearing center that afternoon and could I please pick him up at his work and shuttle him back and forth. Sure, I wanted to spend my whole day at Group Health anyway. Sigh.
It was also grocery shopping day, so I went to Safeway, Target, Walgreens, Walmart and Albertson's, all with a stinker of a boy. Ian was definitely not listening well and either wouldn't stay with me or was right in front of the cart and would stop so I almost would run over him!
So with all those activities my sleep last night blissfully came early. After having back pain for a month my sleep patterns have been way off. Going to bed really really late and getting up late. Last night I was so tired I was in bed by 9:30. That never happens unless I'm sick and usually, not even then!

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