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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Last Two Days

The busier I get, the less I blog. Sunday was a very busy day. We went to church. The pastor spoke about Peter and his pride and how we all struggle with that. I know that's right. After church we had lunch with Colin's parents at their duplex and then we went over to see where they are building their new house and how it was progressing. I think they're going to paint the outside this week. Pretty soon they'll be working on finishing the inside. It was dry walled last week.
It was such a pretty day that after we got back home, Colin mowed the lawn and Ian helped with the play mower. I of course did what I do best, photograph the whole thing! Colin had just gotten the mower started when I turned to go inside. He looked at me and said 'You're going to get the camera, aren't you?' I smiled and told him that yes I was. I had to photograph the first time he mowed our very own lawn! I got a few cute pictures, I'll try to post at least one.
Yesterday was a very long day. It was a full day of work 8:30-5:00 and the boys were arguing off and on all day. At quiet time, Ian popped out of the room he was supposed to be in even though we had discussed at length that he should not pop out and that his consequence would be that quiet time would change to nap time, so it did. He was very unhappy about that but ended up taking a nap and thanking me for it later. His cousin fell asleep on the floor of his room, so he took a nap, too. Hopefully, tomorrow they will cooperate better.

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