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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Time Change and the Power of Phonics

I am tired today. I have been robbed of one hour of sleep. I'm sure it was my best hour of sleep. Probably had the best dream time and the most rest. I can never get it back. Where do I go for a refund??? I want my hour back. Perhaps a couple of naps this week will make up the difference. Somehow, I doubt it.
Yesterday we went to the Awana games and our team won first place for their circle. Ian was an alternate, but he got to play in a couple of games and he had a great time. On the way back we stopped at a hardware store to look for a gadget for Colin's mom, but they didn't have them in stock. Colin was in the store for a bit while Ian and I waited in the van, but Ian decided he needed to go potty, so we went in the store. Colin was looking for a part for our garage door so one of the guys that works there was helping us. Ian decided to put his phonics skills to use and read the man's name tag. He started out..ull and stopped. The next letter stumped him. I helped out. The Y sounds like an i. So he started again. Ull...i...n...n. Lynn, your name is Lynn. He did it! On the way home in the van today I spelled the word sub and Ian sounded that out, too. Pretty cool!