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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Where did the week go?

I can't believe it's Thursday. It feels like yesterday was Monday. It's been a busy week. Monday, Ian's cousin had to go to the dentist, twice. He had an abscessed tooth over the weekend. He had it pulled yesterday...not a happy camper. Monday at work I made Black Bean soup for their dinner. Not something that I thought would appeal to me, until I made it. It smelled fabulous, so I tasted it and it was fabulous. I had Ian taste it and he agreed, so I copied the recipe. I'll try to post it later today.
Tuesday I decided to apply a little of the organization that I heard about at MOPS on Friday and I wrote a list of tasks. Number one was clean my kitchen. Between schoolwork, making box cars for Awana, the kitchen took most of the rest of my time Tuesday. My counters are clean. All my dishes are caught up and it feels great. Today I tackle the living room. It's not too bad, but it's getting the complete spring cleaning.
Yesterday Ian had Drive-in movie night at Awana. He invited a guest and they had a blast. They all watched the new Veggie Tales movie..Little Moe (it's about Moses). Ian loved his red "sports car". I'll try to get a picture of it and post it. I forgot to take my camera yesterday, so I didn't get one at the "drive-in".
Well, it's time to get Ian started on his math. He already had gym time. Have a great day!

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