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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Big Words

Ian is really catching on to reading. Sometimes he amazes me by reading words that I think I'll need to help him with. I just never know what words he'll know that I have no idea he knew.
Yesterday, I went back to the Dr., just to double check and make sure everything was okay with me since I still feel crummy even after starting an antibiotic. It is okay. The doctor told me to hang in there, I'm just really sick and it's going to take a while to get better.
Anyway, while I was at the Dr., Colin took Ian over to his office so he could get a little work done. As they were walking through one of the doors to get to his office, Ian asked Colin a question. He said, "Daddy, are you an employee?" Colin looked at Ian and then he looked at the door and asked Ian if he was asking him that because he read the sign on the door. Ian told him yes. So Colin asked him to read the words on the door out loud to him. So Ian read 'Employees Only'. I think employees is a pretty big word for a first grader! Way to read, Ian!

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