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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Praises and growing up

It was back to the doctor for me today. I am still congested and my ears are plugged. I've been sick since Feb. 7th. So, third trip, third doctor, this time I saw my primary care doctor and suggested that most likely I had sinusitis as all the cold symptoms had cleared up a while ago. He agreed with me and told me that because the sinuses are such a small area when you get an infection things swell up and it's really hard for the antibiotic to get to the germs in that area. So I got a shot to help with the swelling, prednisone, augmentin and an inhaler. I am a walking pharmacy!
The good news is I think it is starting to work.

Now onto the growing up topic. When we went to pick up Ian from AWANA tonight we had to have a discussion with one of the leaders over Ian's behavior. It appears that he and his friend Lillie have been hanging all over each other. Hugging, dragging each other by the hand, etc. and Ian gets really upset if they try to separate him from his friend. To be honest, they're both really young and innocent, it's like toddlers when they're friends, they just hold on to each other, but I understand that there's a place for that and AWANA isn't the place, it gets in the way of what they need to do. So I talked to Ian about it, explaining that it isn't wrong to love our friends or give them a hug, but we don't need to hug them ALL the time and that it can hinder them. I told him that there's a time for everything and part of growing up is understanding that there are times when we don't hang all over our friends. I also explained that no one was mad at him, we're just trying to help him learn one of the lessons on the way to growing up. If the talk doesn't work, there's always a bribe. I promised him if he kept his hands to himself that we'd take him out for an ice cream next week.

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