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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Scratch Spaghetti From The Menu

Well I am still working my way back to healthy. It's taking much longer than I would like (I'd like less than one day, please). My head is still stuffed up and I have a hard time hearing, but I'm trying to get on with this business of living.
On top of the whole family having had this nasty little bug, Dilly had a little surprise of her own today; round worms. At least, that's what I found out they were. I took her for a very short little work and she did a little doggy business and I happened to notice that it looked weird. Then I noticed a couple of things that looked like spaghetti noodles moving around. Not good. So I called the vet and described what I saw and they told me, "that's so gross, but, yeah, round worms look like spaghetti. So Colin came home and we took Dilly to the vet to get a big pill to deworm the doggy.
Then I decided to disinfect whatever Dilly came in to contact with, which included Ian's toys. I am happy to say that Ian has the cleanest Lego's in the world.
Did I mention that I won't be serving spaghetti for quite a while???

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