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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Lego Love

Ian loves Lego's. Most of his Christmas presents were Lego's, and those were his favorites. He loves building all the cool cars and towers and all kinds of imaginative things.
Someone else in our family loves Lego's, too. I'm not talking about Colin (although, I'm sure that applies to him as well), I'm talking about Dilly. She loves Ian's Lego's. She thinks of them as special puppy treats and tries to crunch them whenever she can. Ian gets extremely upset whenever Dilly gets some of his Lego's and starts chomping. I am sympathetic, for the most part, except for the fact that I have repeatedly told him to keep his Lego's in his bedroom and not get them anywhere near Dilly. I think I blogged earlier about explaining to Ian that Dilly is just a puppy and still learning what is okay for her to do and what isn't.
I've been sick this week with Bronchitis and Sinusitis and I-feel-yucky-itis, basically feeling pretty miserable. One of the days when Colin was watching Ian and I was trying unsuccessfully to get some rest, I heard a terrible commotion. Being mom, even though sick, means checking out the commotions in the house,so I got up to check. Ian was having a fit saying that Dilly was the worst dog ever and he didn't like her, etc.,etc. Turns out he had taken one of his nice new Lego sets into Colin's office to play with, even though Dilly was in the office, too. He drove the Lego over by Dilly and she pounced on it and chomped the little Lego steering wheel, messing it up. He was so mad and was trying to blame everyone else. I finally got him calmed down, it took a lot of discussion. I told Colin later, Ian wasn't having as much trouble with Dilly as he would with a sibling!
This has definitely been a teaching opportunity. Ian is learning that he can't leave his toys laying around without some serious consequences.
The good news is, I haven't hurt my feet by stepping on a Lego in at least a week!
P.S. Dilly tried to swipe a Lego from Ian this evening. He was playing in Colin's office and I was in the living room. Dilly wandered down the hallway and them came running back and flopped on her dog bed. I heard the now recognizable sound of plastic toys being crunched and told her no. She spit out a Lego with two wheels attached. She sure looked pleased with herself before I busted her!

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