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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Watch Out For Little Ears

My son is always listening. I know he's usually got his mouth going a mile a minute, but somehow he manages to remember adult conversations with alarming clarity for long periods of time. I think he has some sort of special recording device built into his head, although I'm not sure where he hides it, certainly not in his hair.
The great (read scary) thing about Ian remembering all these conversations (or large chunks of them) is that you never know when he'll pull them out and sprinkle them in his conversations.
One of his favorite places to use this information is at the grocery store while we're in the check-out line. Last night I needed to pick up a few things so I took Ian with me to the local grocery store. As soon as we got in the check-out line he started a conversation with our checker telling him how we like our town and how we moved here and how the house we bought was pretty much at the top of our budget (where does he pull that from?). Of course that's exactly the kind of information you'd like to tell your local grocery checker, right??? Heh, So I kind of laughed it off and explained that we've lived here over a year (of course the guy was thinking we'd just moved here from the way Ian was talking).
Watch out for those little ears, they hear everything and understand only a fraction of it!

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