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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Colin Can Talk To Anyone

I'm sure I've said this before but, Colin can talk to anyone. People also remember him, even when he can't remember them. We had the perfect example for both those topics today.
First to illustrate that Colin can and will talk to anyone. We went to the Territorial Stage Coach today. It was on a three day journey retracing the path that the pioneers took. Colin had been saying something about the Governor or the Gregoire's doing something with it, but I didn't pay much attention. Once we were there we roamed around and looked at the stagecoach and the few displays that were there. There really wasn't a whole lot going on when we were there. I figured more of the festivities happened Friday and Saturday. So we milled about and Colin talked to some different history buffs about his family history and the Yantis property, which is right near or was exactly where we were (depending on which historian you believe). Then Colin moved on to talk to another couple of guys. One was trying to sell some "Territorial Stagecoach wine" to the other guy. Colin stood around and talked to both of them for a bit and then spoke to the "wine seller" for a few minutes. Then it was time for us to head out. When we got back to the van I asked Colin if he knew who he had been talking to. He said 'no'. I told him, based on all the conversation (some of it Colin probably could not hear) I believed he had been talking to the husband of our Governor. I checked online when we got home and I was right. I knew Colin could talk to anyone!
The second illustration is for: people remember Colin even when he doesn't remember them. We went to Costco after our outing and while we were there, I took Ian around for a couple of samples while Colin paid for our shelves that we bought. Unfortunately, I found something else to buy so we had to go through the line twice. When we were walking out Colin asked me "Where do I know a Michael Smith from? He was in line with me and he knew me,but I don't remember him."
I knew that it was a MOPS connection so I told him that he met him at a MOPS event. That's my Colin, he's memorable!

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