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Monday, September 17, 2007

The Sleepover

We had one of Ian's cousins over for the weekend. The boys had a blast! They watched The Indian in the Cupboard, played with Legos, played with every toy Ian owns (I think they were all on my living room floor). Saturday morning we took them both to Ian's soccer game, but Ian's cousin only stayed awake for part of the game, he slept most of the game in Ian's grandma's van a few feet away from the game. They came home and played more. Ian got so tired he couldn't stand himself and I had to put Ian down for a nap, much to his displeasure.
Sunday we took both the boys to church and then they came back to play some more. They got to play until about 4:45 when Colin took Ian and his cousin back to the cousin's home.
So they played Friday night, Saturday and Sunday and Ian complained that it wasn't long enough and that he missed his cousin. He got up last night after we put him to bed and was so sad. He told me he couldn't go to sleep because his cousin wasn't there to talk to. I ended up giving him some warm milk and honey with a touch of vanilla and after that, he slept like a baby!

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