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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The First Soccer Game

Well we had the first soccer game last night. I think the other team would have won if they kept score. Thankfully, they don't keep score. It's more about learning how to play the game this year.
Colin tried to yell "helpful" advice from the sidelines. It really isn't helpful because it can distract Ian from what he's doing.
Ian has to work on keeping his eye on the ball. A couple of times he was running after the ball and then he stopped watching the ball and kept running. He was doing a great job running but the ball was nowhere near where he was running.
Ian scored a goal for the other team. He wasn't trying to, he was trying to kick the ball away, but it went in the goal instead. He was pretty excited about it anyway, because he made a goal. Silly boy, he even gave his coach a high five after he scored the wrong goal!

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