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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Soccer Mom

It's official. I am a soccer mom. That's right, a soccer mom driving a minivan. I am a stereotype right now. I can't believe it has happened to me. One day I was a normal mom doing normal things and then, bam! I'm a soccer mom. Ian loves it! We have our last practice tonight, games start on Saturday (which I will miss as we are having a yard sale that morning, Colin will take Ian to the game).
I think September is going to prove to be a very busy month. Everything is starting back up. Tonight we're signing Ian up for Awana, next week he starts swimming lessons and sometime soon, tumbling will start again, too. I am so glad that soccer games end the first Tuesday in October. Maybe life will be normal after that. Who am I kidding? Life can never be normal again once you've become a SOCCER MOM!!!!!

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