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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Just Call Him "The Exercise Kid"

Ian has a busy schedule this fall (so do I, taking him to these fun things we've signed up to do). Right now he's in soccer, swimming lessons and AWANA. Starting next week we're going to add a home school sports class on Thursdays afternoon. Which means I will drive to the Y in Hoquiam twice on Thursdays for a while.
I signed Ian up for the home school sports class tonight after his swimming lesson at the Y. His swimming lessons are supposed to be T/TH but right now Tuesdays are a little iffy because it's the same night he has his soccer games. As long as he learns something at swimming lessons (even if it's only one night for a few weeks), I'm happy to take him.
On the way home from the swimming lesson I had a realization. What I realized is that I forgot to consider that tumbling should be starting again in a few weeks. Can you guess what day tumbling is on? Thursday. So potentially for a few weeks my son could be at home school sports from 1:30-2:30, tumbling from 4-5 and swimming lessons from 6:50-7:25. I think he will sleep like a baby on Thursday nights!

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