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Friday, September 28, 2007

Good News

I feel like a little bee, always saying the same thing...busy busy, busy, buzz. It has been a busy week again! Tuesday we had a soccer game, Wednesday we had errands and Awana, Thursday, homeschool sports and swimming lessons and today I watched my friend's three children for about 6 hrs. All this in addition to homeschool. Busy!
Colin had an interview on Wednesday morning and Thursday we found out he got the job. Hooray! He's still in the financial division at the LCB but he will now be a budget analyst. Today he found out that he will also still be the tax revenue specialist. Looks like he's gonna wear a couple of hats for his new job. He'll start on Oct. 16. I know he's excited. Congratulations, Colin!!!
Tomorrow we have another soccer game. Only two left. Ian sure has been having fun playing soccer. We'll be sure to sign him up again in the spring. I'll try to post some soccer pictures soon. I am hopeful that blogger has fixed the photo trouble. Keep looking and see if I get them posted.

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