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Saturday, September 1, 2007

This week and Football Surprises

Perhaps you've noticed that I haven't blogged this week, perhaps you haven't. Either way, I haven't blogged since last weekend. I think it was a slight depression caused by the fact that any photo I tried to upload onto my blog makes everyone look short and fat, including my ultra slim son. Hopefully, blogger will get it fixed soon.
I was busy this week. I had my last official day of "nannying" on Monday. We officially started school on Tuesday. Wednesday we went into town. I had my allergy shot and then met with a couple of ladies who had catalog parties for me. Then we had lunch and ran some errands.
Ian and I went to Target to get a new printer for $27. Great deal, right?? Yessiree bob, a great deal that did not include the black ink cartridge. Whoops. I missed that detail. We also bought a couple canned goods that somehow managed to disappear. I have no idea where they are. I can't even find the receipt to check if I paid for the items or if they got mixed into the items belonging to the person behind me in line.
After our errands we headed down to visit some cousins and grandma and go swimming.
We never did go swimming. Ian was too busy playing Rescue Heroes to go swimming.
Thursday I worked on submitting the orders I had picked up the day before and Ian worked on school. He did a great job with phonics, but math was like pulling teeth.
Friday we took Ian to his first football game. It was at the high school here in town. Our team did lousy the whole game. By the 4th quarter our team had 6 points and the other team had 20. It was down to 5 min. left when Colin asked if we wanted to go and avoid traffic. We all agreed. It was time to get Ian home and put him to bed. Keep in mind our team had been very uncoordinated. Fumbling the ball, false starts, etc.
Colin checked the score later after we were home, maybe 11:30 at night. Our team won! They went into overtime. The final score was 28-20. I told Colin you'd have to be psychic to predict that outcome. It sure didn't seem possible!

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Miscellaneous From Missy said...

I read the article that Colin linked to me. Pretty awesome! And really sad/hilarious that you guys missed it. I'll bet Ian would have LOVED the excitement!