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Thursday, January 31, 2008

I Don't Want a Puppy Anymore....

Ian has had mixed feelings about Dilly since we brought her home. One minute he loves her and the next he is annoyed with her. Tuesday he got frustrated with her trying to constantly lick him and I tried to explain to him that she's still just a puppy and doesn't always do exactly what we would want her to do, she's learning. He looked at me and announced "I don't want a puppy anymore!"
It didn't take too long for his feelings to change back to love for Dilly. I understand how he feels, she just keeps giving him kisses and the more he tries to escape, the more she tries to get to him to kiss him. She's bigger than Ian so his only true escape is to go into his bedroom and close the door.
For the most part, Dilly is pretty calm for a puppy. She's learning about how to be house broken and what she can chew or not chew, but if I want to take a nap on the couch, she lays on her doggie bed near me and sleeps.
We have a crate for her that we put her in at bedtime and when we have to be gone...she has made it clear that she doesn't like it. She loves her rawhide bone and her doggie bed. She adores shoestrings! Her first morning with us she untied Colin's shoes right after he tied them. I've caught her sneaking my tennis shoes onto her doggie bed for a little shoestring snack. She doesn't mind the rain (a good quality in a dog that lives in the Northwest). Mostly, she loves me. She has become my shadow, following through the house. She lays down near me if I am sitting or laying down, but if I move she is right there seeing what I am doing. Pretty cute shadow!

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