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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Birthday

There has been much anticipation at our house over Ian's 6th birthday, most of it coming from Ian. For a month (at least) we've heard, 'Boy I can't til my birthday', 'Is it my birthday yet?' and 'my birthday is taking too long to get here!' Saturday night Ian was so excited for his birthday party the next day. He told me 'I can't wait for my party, because there'll be presents and I LOOVE presents!"
The big day arrived and I got up early to make Ian a special breakfast and so we could make it to church on time (the first part worked, being on time didn't). I made pancakes and turkey bacon (that was Ian's choice, he picked it over sausage or regular bacon) and orange juice.
We made it to church a little late, but in time to hear the lesson in Sunday school. After church, we picked up Ian's cake which he had already correctly guessed was a Thomas cake. It was pretty funny, when we went to the bakery in Safeway, Ian saw a cake that had a couple of toy cars on it and what sort of looked like a dirt track. He told me that he wanted that cake. I explained that I ordered a cake and I thought he might like the one I ordered better. Just wait and see, I told him. The girl at the counter brought out the cake which had a little Thomas "track" and a Thomas train to go on the track. When Ian saw it he said' OOOoo, THOMAS!' I asked him if he still wanted the other cake and he told me 'NO!'
We headed over to McDonald's after paying for the much loved Thomas cake. Once there, we got in the little birthday room. Boy if we could have bottled the energy and excitement Ian had at that moment, I think we could have used it to power our home for at least a year!
The kids arrived and a cute McDonald's worker came to help host our party. She took the kid's Happy Meal orders and then took us on a tour of their store. We had no idea it had a basement! The kids had a blast on the tour and then Ian got to stay behind in the kitchen to help take up the orders and he even got to carry all the fries for the kid's lunches. The kids all got to play on the big inside toy and just had a blast. It was a great birthday party!

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