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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Rhetorical Question

The end of last week we had some beautiful weather, which is why I haven't blogged, I was enjoying the sunshine. Friday it was 72 degrees at our house. We went outside and Ian blew some bubbles, it was great! Saturday it was rainy, but we were cleaning and cooking for Easter, so it really didn't matter. Colin cleaned up our garage. We could almost park both vans in there now!
Sunday was Easter. Hooray! Jesus lives! We went to the 8:00 service...yes, really. Okay, those of you who know us well can pick yourselves up off the floor (I know you fainted from shock). There wasn't any childcare for Ian at the 8:00 service so he went into the service with us. His Grandma O found us and sat with us, so Ian was sitting in between his grandma and me. Ian did very well during the singing and pretty well during the service, with only a couple of minor exceptions. The pastor was starting the sermon and he said something to this effect: Today is Easter. The day we celebrate Jesus' resurrection. Jesus died and rose again for our sins. Do you know what that means?
As soon as the pastor asked that rhetorical question Ian decided to reply. He got as far as saying 'It means that..' before my hand went over his mouth to stop him. Grandma was having a silent giggle-fest at this, but most of the congregation failed to notice this. There was one other time, but it was an even smaller event, as I was watching for it.
After the service we had breakfast at church and headed home to work on our Easter lunch. Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Sean and cousin K came over for Easter and to help build Ian's outdoor play set. They worked on that for hours and while it's not finished, there isn't too much left to finish.
When got home last night Ian had to go play on his slide before we could go in. I have the feeling I know where a lot of my summer is going to be spent.

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Miscellaneous From Missy said...

Hee-hee! I'm glad that he had an answer for the question though. We found out this easter that Kimmie did not know what easter was for, so we got to teach her about it! Very cool! :-)