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Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Visit

This week is spring break for Ian's cousin's, which means that I worked two full days this week instead of two half-days. Monday was a little grumpy. The boys had a hard time getting along. They did play "camping" in the living room and that helped them get along together. I told Ian's cousin L that we would go to his Aunt's house on Wednesday to visit while Ian's grandma was watching his aunt's kiddos. He responded by saying 'hooray! We get to go swimming." I found this highly amusing as, at the time, it was about 45 degrees outside.
Wednesday morning came and I announced to Ian that this was the day of the big visit and he said 'hooray! We get to go swimming." Which I found even more amusing as it was 41 degrees outside. We're going to visit, I told him, you'll have to wait for summer to go swimming in the pool.
They had a great time playing and riding horses. I had a great time after they all stopped playing sword fighting. Someone always gets banged up even though the swords are plastic- they still hurt!
Today I had an appointment with my allergist...trying to find a solution for what Colin kindly called "demon eyes". I must agree they were pretty hideous. Red, itchy, swollen, even the clear part of my eye was swollen and kind of sticking out...yech! Of course, they look somewhat better today because I had a Dr. appointment. I am now going to be getting allergy shots once a week for 5 months and then once a month. Oh boy. My enthusiasm is underwhelming. Hopefully, it will help.
Just for fun: Here's a little trivia question: What was Charlie Brown's father's occupation? I'll give the answer next time I blog!

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