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Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Tough Day

Yesterday was a tough day (for that matter, today is starting out that way, too). The morning started okay, we rode into town with Colin so I could grocery shop and go start my allergy shots. It wasn't too bad, just a little shot and a 30 minute wait to make sure I didn't have a reaction. Next week I'll go three times (MWF).
I think the toughest thing about yesterday (and today) was Ian's behavior. We had a hard time, he lied to me yesterday and he stole some toys from his cousin. He did "confess" that he had taken the toys (if you can call saying 'ha! ha! I snuck these toys out in my pocket and you didn't know' confessing). I suppose I could have said something like 'that was wrong Ian, you need to give those back' or 'that was bad', but I chose to call it what it was and I told him 'you stole those from L. You stole from your best friend. God HATES stealing'.
We had a big conversation on stealing and why it was wrong and what the consequences would be. First, he had to face his cousin and confess that he had stolen the toys, return the toys and ask for forgiveness. Second, he had to confess his sin to God and ask for forgiveness. Third, he had to talk to Daddy about what he'd done and fourth, there were consequences: no TV for Thursday and no trains for Thursday. We did tell him that the consequences would have been even bigger if we had not found out about his sin from his own mouth. I also promised him that if he ever pulled something like this again that I would invite his cousin over and let him pick any toy that Ian had and let him keep it.
Hopefully, our first time offender will be a one time only offender.

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