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Saturday, April 21, 2007

The First T-ball Practice

This morning was Ian's first t-ball practice. The team had their first practice Wednesday night at 5:30, but we couldn't make that one because of my work schedule and Awana. We were met with a certain lack of enthusiasm this morning when we announced it was time to get ready for t-ball. "No t-ball, no t-ball, no t-ball. Please, no t-ball!" That's what we heard plus some whining and crying. We had to help him get dressed and I think we were 7 or 8 minutes late even though the ball field is one minute from our house.
Of course, once we got there it was a whole other story. Ian had a good time. He started hustling a little bit when they asked the boys to run to a part of the field and then come back. The first time they asked the boys to do that, Ian was way behind. The second time he was a little bit behind, but when the boys who were in front turned around and headed back, Ian just turned around and headed back with them (even though he hadn't made it to the tree that they were all running to!)
Ian hit the ball off the tee a couple of times and practiced running the bases. He got to practice throwing the ball, too. By the time we got him in the van to go home, he had decided that he LOVED t-ball and he couldn't wait until next week.

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