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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

AWANA Goose Chase

Tonight was missionary night at AWANA tonight. That meant that a missionary came to talk to the boys and girls and that they gave them pictures of themselves for the boys and girls to put in their AWANA books (in that special section). This seems like a simple thing, but with Ian, things aren't always simple.
When I met up in the hall with Ian after Colin had picked him up, Ian was overly excited about the fact that he finally got through the theme song and that he said his verses. I congratulated him and took his AWANA bag and asked him if he had the missionary picture in his book. He told me that no, he didn't. So I checked and he didn't have the picture even though they had been passing out the pictures. He also had two quarters in his bag, not in a baggie like the 4 quarters we had sent to help with missions.
I did what any mom would do, I sought out an adult AWANA helper. It sounds so simple. Ha! First they said, ask this person, but then we were told they had already left for the evening. Well, check the classroom or hallway outside. Nope, no pictures there. We asked other adults outside the classroom and they had no idea. The missionary had already left. In desperation, I sought out another adult leader and asked my question. She had possessed a copy of the picture earlier, but had put it somewhere else or given it away. So we checked the closet. Only old missionary pictures from last year in that box. Another leader tried to help by giving us one of the old pictures. Suddenly, I saw it! Probably not the picture they had been handing out, but nevertheless, a picture of tonight's missionaries, taped to the closet door (on the inside). So the AWANA leader helping me peeled it off the door and I plunked it into Ian's AWANA book. Amazing, it took at least 20 minutes to hunt down what had probably been sitting next to my child most of the evening just waiting for him to pick up!

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