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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Light Blogging

Colin commented yesterday that I hadn't blogged for a while. It's true. I am so tired these days that it's hard to get motivated to write out my thoughts. I am hoping that after I get the CPAP machine my sleep will be better and overall, I won't feel so tired.
I'm sure this time of year adds to being tired. It gets dark around 4:30 right now and this week it has gotten COLD. It was 21 degrees out last night. I know that isn't cold for people in Alaska and I must admit it's been colder in Kansas when I lived there, but I want my moderate winter. You know, 40 or 50 degrees, not cold, cold, cold.
Even though it's cold, it may turn out to be a nice week. Tomorrow I go get the CPAP machine and have Bible study. Friday Colin and I have planned a date night and I think we will finally get to see National Treasure's supposed to be at the theater with open captioning for Colin. Saturday I have a scrapbooking crop from 1-9.....hooray!! I love the scrapbooking crop, I only get a little bit of scrapbooking done, but I get a lot of mommy conversation with being interrupted by children. Talk about a little food for your soul....wonderful!

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