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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I promised to share our first adventure with Piccadilly, so here it is. We knew that we needed some doggy supplies, so after we picked up Dilly, we headed to Petco. Keep in mind that so far she hadn't been too keen on the whole idea of being on a leash. She wanted to go where she wanted to go.
So we got to Petco and took her out and tried to get her to go potty. She wasn't going for that so we decided we might as well head into the store. We figured Dilly would really like Petco. Dilly decided we were wrong. We got to the front door and she dug down every claw she could find and refused to walk. We dragged her in the front door thinking she might change her mind, she didn't. The only way she was moving was her heinie sliding on the tile floor in Petco. Colin tried to negotiate with and encourage Dilly, but it did no good.
Finally, we decided that we needed to get going so we put Dilly in the shopping cart and there she remained for our entire shopping time!

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