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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dilly Meets Grandma's Dogs

After our Petco adventure, it was time to head toward home. Going home meant a stop at Colin's parents' home as they had been watching Ian for the weekend. So we called his parents and told them we were on our way and not to tell Ian about the dog. We were going to surprise Ian.
When we arrived at their house, they weren't home so we got Dilly out and took her in the backyard with the three boy dogs that Colin's parents have (Angus, Cooper and Six). The dogs were excited. Old Angus slowly walked up for a greeting, Cooper bounced over and said, hi, hi,hi and Six gave Dilly a little sniff. Dilly sniffed them back and started sniffing the yard.
Angus and Six had decided that Dilly was okay, but they weren't too interested, so they went off to do other things and would check back periodically. Cooper kept following Dilly everywhere she went. He was very excited and was overjoyed to follow her every move. Finally, he,too tired of Dilly's sniffing.
Just about the time Cooper found something else to do, Dilly found trouble. Colin's parents have built a fish pond next to their patio and it was very full, so full that it was pretty much level with the ground and since we've had cold weather for at least a week, there was a thin layer of ice on the pond. Dilly walked right onto the ice and then fell through. I had to help pull her out of the water and Colin grabbed a towel to dry her off a bit. As soon as we stopped drying Dilly, she took off running every direction in that yard. No more sniffing for her, she was bounding all over. Running for the sheer joy of running.
It was almost time for Ian to arrive. We had decided that we would have him come in the backyard with all the dogs and introduce him to Dilly back there. As soon as he arrived he put his jacket on and headed to the backyard. Dilly came right up and Ian saw her. His first question was, "Where'd you get that dog?" So we told him that she was our new puppy. He just grinned.

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Miscellaneous From Missy said...

Your post made me grin, too. :-)