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Monday, January 14, 2008


Today is very rainy. I am missing sunny days. Yesterday was fairly warm and sunny. I think it was close to 50 degrees outside. I took Ian out on his bike while I walked. It wasn't easy to get a good walk in as Ian was either stopping or falling over every few minutes. He also kept gravitating toward the middle of the road when we couldn't be on sidewalks. I kept trying to get the point across that the middle of the road was a bad place to be. At one point I told him, "you're in the middle of the road again. That's the perfect spot for a car to hit you from either direction...get to the side." I finally made him walk his bike for a little way, the road we were on was just a bit too busy for him to keep straying toward the middle.
After bringing Ian back home, I went for a little more walk, just to be able to walk without stopping.
In honor of sunny days, I'm posting this picture from our trip to Hawaii. Looking at it makes me feel sunnier inside.
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