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Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Saver

Ian is learning how to save. Not real money, his AWANA bucks that he earns for saying Bible verses. Once a month they open the AWANA "store" and kids get to spend the money they've earned for saying verses, inviting friends, etc.
At the first AWANA store night this year (in September), Ian noticed that they had Bionocles (basically they're creepy Lego monsters). Ian wanted a Bionocle but they cost 40 AWANA bucks. So Ian tried to persuade me to buy him one. I told him I didn't really like them and I wouldn't buy one, but if he really wanted one, he could save his bucks and buy one himself. Which is exactly what my 6 yr. old did. He saved his bucks until this Wednesday. Finally, he had enough to buy his creepy Bionocle. He loves it!
Colin helped him put it together Thursday night and he's been playing with it nonstop since then.
I am so proud of his ability to save. I know it wasn't easy. I've seen the stuff they have in the store. There are lots of little items that cost a buck or two that could really cut into your saving plan if you bought a little something every time the store was open, but Ian didn't, he just kept saving for what he wanted. Yeah, Ian!!
I hope he keeps this up. I was terrible at saving my money when I was a kid. As soon as I got my allowance I wanted to spend my money. It's nice to see my son see what he wants and be willing to work for it!

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