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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

An Alexander Day

I am not having a great day. I've had worse days, but this one isn't fun. I feel like Alexander from the children's book Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Have you read that book? It's such a great way to explain a bad day, which is what I was talking about.
It started out ok. I got up at a decent time, not too early, not too late. Ian and Dilly were both in pretty good moods.
Then I got the mail. It was full of bills instead of fun free samples or cool coupons. Not fun.
Then I got a phone call from a bill collector (I think) for the guy who used to own our phone number. He hasn't had this number for a year and a half. So I had to call them back and straighten that out. They assured me they would take the number off their call list. I hope they do.
Then Dilly decided she should chew on Ian's cleats and she made a hole in one of them. Which ruined them. I told Colin and he said we could use duct tape on them. Would you want to be the kid who had to wear duct tape on your shoes? I told Ian to throw them out.
Then it was time to drive to town to go to AWANA. So we got everything together and headed out. We had gone less than 10 miles when the engine decided to get hot and trip the alarm for that. So I had to pull over at a gas station and let the van cool down so I could check the fluids. Guess what? The radiator and the overflow were completely out of fluid. I added some water and drove back home just to be safe. Colin said it only been a couple of weeks since he checked the fluid. I told him I'm making him a chore chart so he can keep track of when he actually did check the fluid. He laughed. I guess he thought I was joking. I wasn't.
So now I am back home feeling a little bit like Alexander, not having a great day. A still, small voice whispers it could have been much worse. I know it's true. I also know that days like this come every so often, but they don't stay forever. Like Alexander, I'm tempted to think that if I go somewhere else things might be different. As Alexander put it: maybe I'll move to Australia. But deep down I know Alexander's mom got it right when she said 'some days are like that, even in Australia'.
So here's hoping that the problem with the van was a husband error and not a mechanical error. I'll just have to trust God that better days are coming.
I was using Colin's computer this evening and his keyboard sliding tray for his desk came loose and fell on my feet. I told you-I'm not having a good day! Colin told me not to touch anything else, just to be safe!

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Miscellaneous From Missy said...

I laughed out loud when you said, "I guess he thought I was joking. I was not." :-D