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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Top Dog

Life in our home has gotten a little more interesting this weekend. We are pet sitting a miniature schnauzer named Pepper. She's probably 5-8 yrs. old and fairly small. Pretty much the opposite of Dilly who is young and big.
We weren't sure what Dilly would think about this other dog being in our house and getting some of our attention. So far we've had some good entertainment out of it.
We brought Pepper home Friday night and I think both dogs were a little stressed out. The last time Pepper was at our house we didn't have a dog. There was a lot of sniffing going on Friday night and Dilly did some funky dance moves all around Pepper. I mean, honestly, sometimes she would leap up in the air and kind of spin and come back down right next to Pepper.
I wish you could see them. They are too funny. Pepper is VERY food motivated, in fact you have to watch her like a hawk around food, because she'll eat it super fast (people food) and she isn't supposed to because she gets kidney stones. Of course, the first thing she did when she got in our van Friday night was eat a fourth of a Churro that Colin had put on the floor in between the front seats!
We have to feed the dogs at separate times(or in separate locations) to keep Pepper from eating Dilly's dog food. The first time we tried to feed Dilly while Pepper was in her crate a few feet away, Pepper kept growling and barking at Dilly. Dilly just looked at me like 'I don't think I'm supposed to eat this food'. Pepper had to be put in another room out of sight and then Dilly was fine.
Colin tried to walk the two of them together and almost got dragged to the ends of the earth! They both were pulling. I know Pepper pulls, but usually I can get Dilly to stop pulling. I just had to share my secrets on how I get Dilly to stop pulling. Colin tried them and he said it worked, it took a few minutes, but she stopped pulling. Want to know my trick? I pretty much refuse to walk if she is pulling me. I will pull her back to me and stop walking. And I tell her no or no pulling. It seems to work. I think she doesn't like that we stop walking.
Anyway, back to the two dogs. It's been very interesting. Dilly, who is always a little bit timid and easily spooked is not letting Pepper boss her around. She's not mean to Pepper and in fact, I think she likes having Pepper around.
Pepper is staying until Wednesday. It will be interesting to see what Dilly does after Pepper goes home.

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