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Saturday, April 19, 2008


Well we had snow today. Do you realize it is more than half way to May? And we had snow. Colin was the first to discover it this morning. He got up early as usual and I guess he took the dog out. Anyway he noticed snow on our van and got out the camera to take some pictures and while he was snapping some photos he noticed it had started snowing again. It snowed for over an hour. Colin had pulled up the blinds in our room so I watched the snow fall as I lay in bed all snuggly warm. I knew it wouldn't last long, so it wasn't nearly as depressing as the snow in late February!
Ian was supposed to have baseball practice at 9:30 this morning but they canceled due to the snow. Good thing, it was too cold for little boys to practice baseball for an hour and a half!
We had signed up to take some Spanish rice down to our church work site. Our Sunday School class was preparing lunch for the workers. We had to have it there by 11:30. We left at 11 and all the snow on the ground was melted by then. We just had a little snow left on the van windshield.
The Spanish rice turned out pretty good. I tried a new recipe that I found at
Even though it was a new recipe, I completely changed it to suit what I wanted. It called for stewed tomatoes, but I wanted to use Rotel, so I did. It didn't have any onion, but I wanted onion so I added that. I also added some white pepper, but maybe I should have held back on that, the rice was great but super spicy! I made a quadruple batch so even after the guys ate and I left a bunch for them to have at dinner time, I still had a bunch to bring home. We're going to have bean, rice and cheese burritos tomorrow for lunch after church. It should be quick, yummy and meets my new goal of not wasting any leftovers. Hopefully, I won't wake up to snow tomorrow!

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