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Monday, June 2, 2008

All about Ian

I have a couple of cute things to share about Ian from this past week. First, let me start by saying that Ian loves music. He's got a great ear for it. Pretty sure that runs in the family, I have a pretty good ear for a tune and so does my aunt Gail.
Anyway, Ian hears all different kinds of music and you never know what will stick with him (whatever sticks, you'll hear him humming it for weeks to come). Well, this past week the tune that stuck with him was Brown-eyed girl by Van Morrison. (Personally, I really like this song and also Green-eyed Lady, I claim them both as my eyes are a brown/green hazel, but I digress). Anyway, Ian was humming the tune and he got to the part where Van Morrison sing La Ti Da, la ti da. Only Ian sang it Lucky Duck, lucky duck. It fit the rhythm and it was incredibly cute!

This evening Ian had another baseball game. I debated whether I should take my camera or not (I just took a bunch of pictures at his Saturday game) and I decided to leave it at home. Of course, that turned out to be a huge mistake. My sweet little boy neglected to tell me that at the game the day before, he had volunteered to play catcher. So there I am, camera-less when he starts gearing up. He was so cute, my little Charlie Brown. He didn't know he was supposed to squat down or even bend his knees! He had to get lots of tips, but he did a pretty good job! He never caught the ball, but he chased it down rather well. He was catcher for 2 innings. When his team was up to bat we got him to look at the catcher on the other team who knew that he was supposed to squat down and after that Ian figured out how he was supposed to be behind home plate. One of the coaches even got him to put his unprotected hand behind his back so he looked pretty good out there. He stopped several balls with his leg protectors and each time he couldn't find the ball! It was right in front of him, but he thought it must have rolled somewhere else.
He told us after the game that being catcher was an easier position to play. Yeah, I don't think so, I think it's just a position that's busy enough for my busy guy. For the two innings that he wasn't playing catcher, he was backing up first base in the outfield. I have never seen an outfielder jump up and down that much! I hope he plays catcher again so I can get a picture!

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