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Friday, June 6, 2008


June 6th is about to come to a close and it only got up to maybe 58 degrees today. The sun only peaked out for a little bit this evening. The whole day was wet, gray and dreary. Not really a great warm up for summer which is only days away. In fact the mountains around here are supposed to get some snow tonight. Talk about depressing.
I can see that once again, my son's experience of summer will be nothing like the summers of my childhood.
Growing up in the Midwest, school was always out right before Memorial Day weekend and, boy were we ready. The days were already growing warm and sunny and no one wanted to be stuck inside a school building. We were ready to play outside! Summers were filled with my brother's baseball games and swimming (where ever we could) it might be in a kiddie pool in our yard or at our Grandma's neighbor's pool or the city pool (mostly when we were a little older for the city pool). Mom made sure we took swimming lessons until we were proficient little swimmers. We loved swimming. All that sunshine and those hot Kansas breezes blowing on us as we came out of pool. That was the only time we would shiver in the summer unless we happened to have a summer rainstorm. Most the time, even those were warm.
I loved summer storms. The fast, heavy raindrops pounding onto the pavement. Thunder booming across the fields and lightning cracking. I, of course was safe inside and didn't have to go out in the storm.
Sometimes our summer days were so hot that our window air conditioner just couldn't cool the whole house. So we'd pull our mattresses into the living room (where the air conditioner was) and close off the bedrooms and have sort of a camp out in the living room. That was the closest I ever came to camping with my family until a couple of years ago. I loved it! I felt safe and secure and happy surrounded by my family.
Do I miss 100 degree days? No, not really. I think I just miss those sunny days where warm breezes and swimming pools were about the only thing on my mind.
Well, at least Ian has baseball, even if he has to wear a coat to play the game. Maybe we'll get a couple of hot days where he'll need to camp out in our bedroom. He did have to do that once or twice last year and I got the feeling that he liked it just as much as I did when I was a kid.

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