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Monday, June 23, 2008

Yard Sale and Vacation--I'm Doomed!

Last week I was really tired and felt like I might be fighting another sinus infection. Then we had a yard sale and I got nemesis. I should have known it would happen, it always happens when we have a yard sale or we're going on vacation. We're doing both. The yard sale was Saturday and by that evening I was so congested, I could hardly breathe.
We were supposed to have a picnic with our Sunday School class on Sunday after church, but I had to cancel. I had a meeting tonight, but that didn't happen. I was supposed to make corn bread to take to our new church building site to help feed volunteer builders, but that isn't happening. Wednesday night we are going to get our pictures taken for a new church directory. We are going, but I doubt that I'll want to buy any of those pictures!
My sweet husband stayed home with me today to let me get some rest (when I could stop coughing) and also drive me to a Dr. appointment to address this new bout of sinusitis. It also let him get a little rest, he wasn't feeling good on Sunday either.
So I went to my doctor appointment. I don't really "get" my doctor. I mean I've been told by some of the nurses that he's really smart and I find him to be nice, but he's a little odd. He always seems to be nervous and uncomfortable and awkward. I tell you, if I went in and found him chewing on a piece of straw, barefoot and in rolled up jeans with a straw hat on his head, it would probably make sense to me. I guess he reminds me of a tall, really nervous Huck Finn.
Thankfully, my appointment was a snap. I'm sure they heard me in the hallway hacking up my lungs! All my doctor did was look in my throat and ask me which antibiotic works best for kicking this stuff (I'm sure explaining that I'm going on vacation helped a bit, that and the fact that he's seen me for this same thing for at least two maybe three years). So now I'm on Augmentin for three weeks and Prednisone for 10 days. Let's kick some infection booty so I can enjoy our road trip!

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