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Monday, June 9, 2008

What's in a Name?

My friend Missy accidentally misspelled my name on her blog the other day. I let it slide. I tend to do that most of the time, since my name gets bungled up frequently. She realized the error and let me know that she had fixed it, which was very sweet of her. It got me thinking about what wrong names I have been called in my life and why.
Allow me to share a few of the misspellings and flat out wrong versions of my name that I have heard:
Dee Anne (this was my 7th grade English teacher. You’d think that an English teacher would be able to remember how to spell someone’s name). Her name was Mrs. Coushnet, but I secretly called her Mrs. Coconut-head, since she always misspelled my name, even when my name was right there on the paper for her see!
Dee- this was my 5th grade teacher. He just liked to give everyone nicknames. Unfortunately, my mother told me I wasn't allowed to shorten my name (and I believed her).
Deanna- my favorite great aunt always forget and called me this. I loved her, so I let it slide.
Diane- this happened recently. A new, sort of friend replied to an email with my name all over it and she called me Diane. *sigh*
Denise- a boy in high school who had a little crush on me…obviously not a big enough crush to remember my name!
Dina- one of my much loved college professors Dr. Bonner would often mix my name up with that of a fellow student. It happened so often, that I got to the point that I didn’t correct him anymore (he wasn’t purposely doing it) so my classmates started correcting him for me!
DeDan- this was how my brother pronounced my name when he started talking- cute, huh?
Dan- I'm pretty sure this wasn't on purpose, but my brother's best friend's name was Dan and half the time we weren't really sure which of us my brother was talking to. There were times when my brother said "D*an" and I waited for his friend to reply and his friend did reply and my brother was really saying "DeAnn". Whatever happened to enunciating?
Dott (y) (ie)- I have been called this probably due to my over exposure to people named Dotty/ Dottie. My mother-in-law and my best friend are both named Dotty/Dottie. Of course, just to mess with my head a little, they aren't spelled the same!
Well there you have mixed up names. I think I feel an identity crisis coming on!

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Miscellaneous From Missy said...

Since I already knew what you were going to post, as I was clicking over here I was thinking, "I wonder what she will title this post? If it were me, I'd title it 'What's in a Name?'"

And you did! :-D