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Monday, June 16, 2008

Farewell Thirty-six

Today I am spending a few last minutes with Thirty-six before I must say farewell. It's been a good number. A lot happened during the course of one number in my life. Here are the highlights of thirty-six:
June- signed up for my own home business ( wanted to earn some cool things for my home)
July- launched my new home business, helped at Summer Hummer (VBS over the top for those of you unfamiliar with this program), had my first 4th of July party at my own home,got sinusitis which pretty much killed the rest of the month.
August- celebrated my husband turning thirty-four, wondered if my tomatoes were ever going to turn red, wondered if August had ever been this cold before, worked on my home business, earned my starter kit for free, started teaching my son 1st, read, read! Joined a homeschool support group, watched my son start playing soccer, signed him up for swimming lessons twice a week plus a tumbling class, homeschool sports and AWANA (basically, I must have lost my mind and got event happy)
September- gave up on tomatoes ever getting ripe and instead made green tomato relish, had my first yard sale in MY OWN HOME, hosted a housewarming party that no one (except my bestest friend, who'd already been here)came to, back to AWANA and Bible study, had to take my son to everything I had signed him up for (became un-event happy)
October- had my last home business party and stopped having a home business, too much hassle! Responded to an email from my H.S support group to be in a Bunco group.
Celebrated Halloween with my *Sheriff* son at Light Up the Night
November- got to play Bunco with my group for the first time...yeah!! Planned and went on a field trip on an Amtrak train to Seattle and the Seattle Aquarium Celebrated Thanksgiving with 37 other family members- fun!! Started setting up the Christmas tree, said good-bye to our sweet dog Lucy who was super sick and had to be put to sleep, wished my dad a happy # 60
December- lived through a bad storm, went to Hawaii for a week where my brother-law got married and we added three new kids into the family(Ian was so happy to have more cousins to play with and they aren't all girls!), was diagnosed with sleep apnea, got sick for most of the month, barely got the tree finished with decorations before Christmas
January- got a machine to help me breath when I'm sleeping, started sweet talking my honey so we could get a new dog, bought Piccadilly Jan 27th, started researching the Internet for puppy-training advice almost daily
February- got sick again didn't do too much (even felt lousy for Valentine's Day), AWANA games practice, started going to a small group for 6 weeks (sure, what's one more night a week, right?)
March- took my son to the AWANA games, started thinking about what to do for my son's birthday, finally got to play Bunco again (hadn't played since that first time in Nov.), helped my son be THE greenest for Green Night at AWANA!!! Wished my mother-in-law a happy #60
April- celebrated my son's 7th birthday with a very simple party at Grandma and Grandpa's. After having had some elaborate parties in the past, Ian said this one was the best because he got a Nascar cake and got to play outside. Good to know he's easily impressed. Discovered the world of coupons, free samples and living frugally, started working on all that, said good-bye to Colin's grandpa(he passed away at 92), wished my mom a happy # 60
May- went on a second field trip on a train to Portland and visited the zoo down there, finally wrapped up almost all of Ian's activities except for baseball, wished my father-in-law a happy #60, started my first REAL garden
June- went to many baseball games and practices for my son, discovered I love club sandwiches and so does my whole family! Got my dog a proper haircut and stopped picking up hair clumps everywhere, got ready for vacation (only two more weeks to go) and got ready to say good-bye to Thirty-six.
It's been a good year. Hopefully, I have learned not to over-schedule (although I still am tempted to do so) and not to take on so much that I overwhelm myself. I've made new friends, had fun new experiences and am ready to see what thirty-seven holds!