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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Road Trip

Well, it's finally here! Vacation time. We've been planning this trip with my family and it's finally time to head out. We are driving to Colorado. I believe it's pretty close to 2000 miles give or take a couple of hundred. I hope I don't hear 'are we there yet?' 2000 times! I'm hoping that Ian will look at parts of this country that he's never seen in person before.
If all goes as planned, we're leaving in an hour. Usually, something goes wrong and we leave a couple of hours late. I hope that doesn't happen.
So for the next two weeks I will be in the following states: Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming and Colorado and hopefully the state of happiness!
On our way back we are planning to stop in Utah and see where they drove the golden spike in the ground when the western and eastern railroads connected. Of course, if we wanted to see the spike, we'd have to go to California, it's in a museum there. Seems a little dorky, but I'm sure if they'd left the golden spike, someone would have stolen it a long time ago.
Since I am going to be in the Rocky mountains for the majority of my vacation, I don't believe I will have access to the internet. So I'll see you in a couple of weeks! I'm sure Colin's computer will groan when it sees how many pictures I want to store on it from the trip!