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Sunday, June 8, 2008


Don't you just hate Spam?? Not the kind the Hawaiians love to eat, (although that isn't too appealing to me) but the kind you get in your email. I have just been going through my email account that I use for signing up for online offers. A coupon here, a newsletter there, a couple of prize giveaways, that kind of stuff.
Anyway, my email has a special folder for email that it suspects might be spam. Keep in mind that sometimes my email server deems things spam and they never even reach my email account. I never see those. I must say though that I don't like that they do that. They always seem to delete things that I would have wanted, like confirmation for signing up for something or an email from my brother.
Back to the topic of my spam folder. So tonight I decided to wade through the spam emails (all 8100 of them) to make sure there weren't any in there that really aren't spam. I'm scanning the sender line and I have to tell you, some of what they put on there is pretty funny. For instance, did you know that if I clicked on several of the emails in there I could meet my sole mate. That is excellent news! I have a hard time shopping for shoes and that would be really helpful, oh wait, I guess they meant soul mate. *Sigh* I've already done that, I really would have liked to meet my sole mate. Bummer.
Here's a bit of good news that I found in my spam emails: I've been approved for a change on my loan for my old apartment. Wait a minute. Did I have a loan for my old apartment? Hmmm, nah, it didn't cost THAT much a month. Oh, well, I'm sure they have honest intentions ( wah ha ha).
One of the most amazing things I've noticed in my spam folder is that I can get email from the future. That's right, you heard it here first! I am getting emails from the future. Mostly thirty years into the future. I receive these mysterious emails from the year 2038. I'm sure they are of the utmost importance. They probably tell my future. From reading them it looks like in thirty years I will be fabulously wealthy, I will have gone to at least 20 different schools and I'll be dating everyone! Amazing! Is anyone else receiving emails from the future? Strange how they always end up in the spam folder...
Oh, and I had an email from Mr.Nnanna Uba. He wants to help protect me from a dangerous scam by giving me a Citibank card and sending me money. Hey, come to think of it, people all over the world keep writing to me telling me that I am a beneficiary. I've had so many of those emails, I'm just positive I should be fabulously wealthy, oh that's right, they're phishing. Oh, well. You must admit that Nnanna Uba is a really great name, it makes me giggle when I say it!
Okay, time to finish making sure all the emails in the spam folder really belong there. Maybe I'll find a couple more that will give me a chuckle!

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