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Friday, June 20, 2008

A Four Day Work Week

I am very excited about things to come. This week Colin's work sent everyone an email about flex time, meaning that people can change their schedules to four days a week instead of five (four ten hour days). Colin looked at and realized that it wouldn't work with him riding the bus to work (he'd end up being gone 13-14 hrs. a day or more), but he realized if he could form a van pool leaving from our area, it would be possible. So he started doing his homework and found out what it would take to form a new van pool.
Guess what?! He already has enough people signed up for a full van! He just got the email on Monday or Tuesday!! Now he just needs to get all the paperwork done to get on the waiting list for a van (they're in great demand right now, which isn't a big surprise considering the cost of gas!)
I am so excited! I have all kinds of ideas for an extra day a week with my hubby. We can get things done around the house. I could substitute teach a couple of days a month. We could go camping!! I am getting giddy just thinking about all the possibilities!
It's going to be hard waiting until August or September for this plan to go into action. I think I'll start making my "honey do" list now!

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Go Get Him Girl :-)Ingrid