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Monday, February 19, 2007

The Blanket

Friday at MOPS our craft was making a very pink fleece blanket. Ian thought it should be his because it was warm and fuzzy. He didn't care that it was girlier (I know it isn't really a word, but it fits) than Barbie. I had other plans for it though so I promised I would find some other fabric to make him his own blanket.
Saturday we had some errands to run so while we were doing that we went to Joann's fabric. Colin wanted to frame a poster and they have frames so it was a combined errand. I was heading toward the fleece fabric when I saw the line for getting fabric cut. It was not a pretty sight. Probably 20 people waiting in line. Do you realize how well lines and 5 yr. olds mix? Not very well, but Ian wanted a blanket so we headed for the fleece. On the way there, I saw that the already cut and packaged together blanket "kits" were on sale. I laugh at the idea of calling this a kit. It's two pieces of fleece cut to the same size and vague directions. Ian found one that had monkeys all over it and decided that it reminded him of Curious George so we bought that one.
I put it all together last night after Ian went to bed and when I was finished, I draped over my sleeping Ian. This morning he was snuggled up with his stuffed Curious George and his new blanket watching Curious George on PBS.
I told Colin last night that we have a blanket boy. Some children get attached to one blanket and lug it everywhere...I think Ian collects blankets. We have almost all of his baby blankets (except for a few receiving blankets that I got rid of before Ian really discovered his love of blankets). Any time I mention putting a baby blanket on a yard sale or giving one to Goodwill, he says 'but I love that blanket'. He sleeps with oodles of blankets on top of him. He just loves blankets. At least I know he's warm enough!

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