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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!! What a fun day. I woke up with another upper respiratory something or other, but I was determined not to let it spoil my day. Colin surprised me with a balloon and candy this morning. Ian surprised me later on by trying to beat my balloon to death in the hallway. Had to put a stop to that right away.
Today was a work day so we headed into town and I had Ian address his Valentine's at his cousin's house. That was his handwriting assignment for the day..he did a great job!
After work we met Colin for a very romantic dinner at Burger King. It's ok, I already had my romantic dinner last weekend. After dinner we were off to church for Awana and Bible study. It was wear as much red as you can for Ian so he wore the following: a red turtleneck, a red t-shirt, a red plaid button down shirt, a red bandanna as a belt, jammies pants that were red, his pooh slippers that have red all over them and my "cat in the hat" hat. He didn't win, but he had fun. Too bad I forgot my camera. I had no chocolate chip cookies left after the Valentine's party and only a few decorated "sugar cookies". I gave the leftovers away. We don't need them.
Colin ran errands while Ian and I were doing our activities. He surprised me by having a friend of ours "deliver" a basket of tulips to me..with mushy card included. What a clever husband!! I can now tell you why delivered flowers get more brownie points than flowers just purchased and handed to you. 1. It makes you feel very special..especially if it's delivered somewhere semi-public. 2. It gives you that 'wow, it's for me?' or 'I've been selected' special feeling. 3. You know it took a little extra time and effort 4. I don't have to cut the stems and dig out a vase. 5. It's just cool.

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