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Friday, February 16, 2007

A MOPS Friday

It was another MOPS Friday (that's Mother's Of Preschoolers for those of you who don't not, not a mop convention). This time we had oodles of time to talk, gab and chat. We worked on a craft for the majority of the time, a fleece blanket. Mine is almost done, just some knots left to tie.
After MOPS Ian and I ran errands. First we went to Target where I found a new purse that looks summery and I found the new comforter for our bed! Sweet success!! This had recently been a hot topic around our house. No arguments, but frustration had occurred. Colin definitely likes to have input on decorating the house. He doesn't decorate anything, mind you, he just likes to veto things he doesn't like or deems too girly. I had a particular color scheme in mind but so far had only found things with a few flowers on them (not a lot, I promise, only a few embroidered flowers) or shiny fabric...yes, shiny fabric was ruled too girly or just too shiny. Then today at Target I decided to look in the bedding section. I saw a few the wrong size and then there it was...the bedding that just fit the bill. Stripe with some polka dot. Brown and taupe and an aqua color and cream. Stripes = masculine. Polka Dots = feminine. Ladies and gentlemen we have a winner. I called Colin and got the approval...sight unseen by him and now I'm washing it, so it's a done deal. Hooray!!!
Then we went to Wendy's for lunch. As I pulled in to the parking spot I saw a guy with a bike and what looked like a very big backpack. A homeless guy? I wasn't 100% positive, but I thought so. Ian saw him and said 'look a hiker.' I told him he wasn't exactly a hiker. We stood in line by him in the restaurant. Did you ever feel like you should help someone, but you didn't quite know how to go about it or if they even really needed help? I wasn't sure, so I let it go. Later, I figured out how I could have helped him without any embarrassment about not knowing whether he needed help or not. I could have just said "I'd like to pay for your lunch as my random act of kindness for the day." Of course, I didn't think of this until it was much too late to help. Next time, I'll know what to do.

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Miscellaneous From Missy said...

I have a decoration veto-ing husband too, and compromise has become an art at our house! We have a gigantic white-board screwed to one wall in the hallway, and that was a major compromise for both of us. Jeremy wanted it front and center in the living room, and I wanted it in the basement. Also, it took us three and a half years to find a bedroom comforter that we both agreed on. We just purchased it December 2006 and we've been married since July 2003. But we're both VERY happy with our comforter. It was worth the wait. I feel your overwhelming joy!