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Thursday, February 1, 2007

No Tumbling Today

Tumbling is going today, but we're not. Ian also has an ooky nose and the thought of him rolling around on tumbling mats with a runny nose...not cool. So we're staying home. Hopefully, we'll stop the spread of this runny stuff.
Yesterday, after I took the boys to McDonald's, we arrived back at his cousin's house to see flowers had been delivered while we were gone. For one brief shining moment I entertained the thought that maybe my husband had ordered flowers to be delivered to me. No, they weren't for me. They were for the cousin's mom and dad.
Isn't it cool when someone delivers flowers to you?? I've only had that happen a couple of times in my life. Once, for a birthday present from my Aunt roses..very cool surprise. Then when I was sick with cancer I got some flowers and plants delivered to the hospital and my house...nice, but not as cool as a surprise gift..and not as fun because, well, I was sick. I've ordered flowers to be delivered to my mom on Mother's Day before...that was cool to surprise her. Now, don't get me wrong, I have received many flowers from my husband, just they were the kind you pick up at the store and bring home (which is MUCH more economical than ordering flowers delivered by the florist), but I still think it's cool to have flowers delivered to you and if it happens not because it's a holiday, but just because someone was thinking about you...even better! So if you have flowers delivered to your house all the time (not from yourself) you are very blessed!

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Miscellaneous From Missy said...

I completely agree. Jeremy loves to surprise me with flowers at home, and once he even brought them to me at work himself, but there's just something about having them delivered. Why are we so picky?