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Saturday, February 10, 2007

A Night at the Museum

We are celebrating Valentine's day early. Ian is staying with his grandparents and we get to be just a couple for the weekend. Last night we went to dinner at my favorite Chinese restaurant and today we went to the movies and watched A Night At The Museum. What a fun movie and no bad language. We loved it! I think it's clean enough and calm enough for Ian to watch it. I think we'll buy it when it comes out on DVD.
Colin got a new CPU today, so he's occupied with his new toy at the moment. My new toy will arrive next week. I can't wait to take some cool pictures. I'm already seeing pictures I want to take with my zoom!
I called and talked to Ian tonight. He was doing very well and had a great time playing with his cousin at the construction site of Colin's parent's new house. I think they played with little cars and Grandma helped them make some ramps for their cars. I have been enjoying the peace and quiet, but I do miss all the hugs and snuggles. We'll pick him up at church tomorrow.
In case you can't tell or haven't heard...I'm over my cold and I didn't end up with sinusitis like I normally do and I didn't even have to go in to the doctor office. That is thanks to the power of prayer and vitamin c. Hooray!!!